Beautifully Imperfect

Unitex® Tanami is a premium product that gives the appearance of a polished plaster ‘moving’ wall.

In a tribute to the Australian Indigenous people, this product is named after one of the most important land masses to the Aboriginal people, as 10,000,000 hectares (25,000,000 acres) of the Tanami Desert area (38% of the total bioregion) was declared an Indigenous protected area. It is also the Northern Territory’s “final frontier” as it was not even explored until well into the 20th century. This highlights the rugged, unknown, exciting, moving, uniquely Australian nature of the product – uniquely Australian and so uniquely Unitex®.

Inspired by the Tanami Desert in Northern Australia, an Indigenous protected area known as Kukatja and Walpiri country, Unitex® Tanami gives the feeling of the arid, constantly changing, and beautifully imperfect Australian desert.

Unitex® Tanami is available in a standard range of shades based on the natural features of the Tanami Desert. These colours are listed below with a description of their colour palette*:

Tanami Classic Colours

Sunset Desert Plains
Night Sky
Black reminds us of the night sky
Varied and inspiring yellow to reflect the enchanting spectacle of the desert setting sun
Desert Plains
Red reflects the oxides seen in the forever moving desert plains
Storm Cloud Rock Face (2) Ocean
Storm Cloud
Off-white clouds seen only in the wet season are the inspiration for Storm Cloud
Rock Face
In the long shadows, the grey of eroded cliffs inspire
The moving ocean creates as many shades of blue as can be imagined
Oasis Thunder Storm
Known only to the locals, green pockets exist as an oasis
 Thunder Storm
Beautiful deep grey. (similar to Uni-Rock Deep Grey)

Tanami Neutrals

Winter Rain
Sand Dune

* ½, ¼ or ¾ strength available in any of the standard colours
A technologically advanced flexible product that only requires 2 to 3 coats, instead of the traditional 5 coats*, and adaptable to any desired look (including 3D effects) on both internal and external walls. The best product to apply on the market today with no need to add other components or mix, it is designed to be used straight from the pail.

In an easy to carry 10 litre pail, Unitex® Tanami covers 16m2 per coat. Only suitable for qualified Solid Plasterers experienced in the application of fine and polished finishes.

Unitex® Tanami can be used to create a wide range of effects such as:

finish effects

For a sample, additional information, or to enquire on training in the application of Unitex® Tanami, do not hesitate to contact Unitex® on 1800 RENDER (736337) or email Unitex® at

*Compared against traditional Marmarino and Venetian finishes