Unitex® Uni-Dry Cote® Panel Patch

Unitex® Uni-Dry Cote® Panel Patch

Specifically formulated for application over steel joining plates in concrete tilt-up panel construction. Panel Patch has a 4-hour fire rating when used as per the Unitex specifications, and is suitable in fire rated walls.

Download the Unitex Panel Patch Brochure here.

Download the Unitex Render Usage & Installation Guide here.

Additional Information

Panel Patch Fire Assessment Certificate
Size: 8kg bags

Coverage: Approx 10 joining plate recesses

Suitable for: Precast Panel, Concrete repairs

Apply with: Trowel

Safe Use: Refer to the MSDS 

Unitex Uni-Dry Cote® Panel Patch is a fine to medium modified cement-based powder specifically formulated for the repair of surface damaged concrete. The carefully selected ingredients in Unitex Uni-Dry Cote® Panel Patch provide a mortar with very strong adhesion to concrete and masonry substrates. You only have to add water – no other ingredients are required.

Unitex Uni-Dry Cote® Panel Patch provides a smooth and solid finish and has a four-hour fire rating*.

Unitex Uni-Dry Cote® Panel Patch is trowel-applied and suitable for a one-coat application over joining-plate recesses of precast panels (applied 30mm thick) or damaged concrete. Unitex Uni-Dry Cote® Panel Patch is a modified cement-based High Performance Water Resistant and adhesion promoting render system.

Unitex Uni-Dry Cote® Panel Patch is supplied in ready-to-use 8kg (20ltr sack) bags and is available in either grey (standard) or off white.

When mixed, Unitex Uni-Dry Cote® Panel Patch makes enough compound to cover ten joining plate recesses (200mm x 200mm x an approximate thickness of 30mm).

Condition of Substrate

Before application of any render the surface of the substrate must be clean, dry and free of any debris. This means that any loose or damaged substrate must be removed, or patched and made good, prior to application of the patch.

The dry substrate surface must be cleaned free of any grease, oils, scaling laitance, efflorescence, form-oil compounds, mould, fungi, rust, dirt, dust or any other foreign matter.

It is the responsibility of the Builder or Head Contractor to make good any substrate before the render is applied.

Adding Water

Unitex Uni-Dry Cote® Panel Patch products are dry powder-based products. This means that you are getting a 100% active product. All that is required is for clean water to be mixed in, on site, immediately prior to application to the substrate.

The recommended starting point is to add approx. 25% by volume, (based on the amount of powder render to be used), of water into a clean container. Then slowly add the powder, with drill mixing, until the desired slump (consistency) is achieved.

Unitex Uni-Dry Cote® Panel Patch will set @ 20° C as follows;

Initial – 180 minutes

Final – 300 minutes

After 28 days, compressive strength is 20mpa.

Unitex Uni-Dry Cote® Panel Patch:

      • Easy to apply
      • 4-Hour fire rating
      • Is binder-modified for strong adhesion to surface
      • Just Add Water  – less margin for errors
      • 20mpa after 28 days
      • Negligible shrinkage
      • Excellent weatherability
      • Only water to be added
      • One pass application

Guide to Good Mixing Consistency

      1. Add the contents of the bag slowly to 4 litres of water (25% volume of entire bag) with vigorous drill mixing to ensure a lump free render of required slump.
      1. The mix can be later water thinned to required viscosity.
      1. Ensure wall surface is stable, clean, dry and free of dust, etc prior to application.
      1. For difficult masonry and non-masonry surfaces contact Unitex for product and surface preparation advice.

*tested to AS1530.4-2005